Yard ART> cool right?

Yard art needs to be cool and I need a yard. Everyone needs a giant metal lion/elephant/giraffe/cow/rhino in their front yard. I bet people with yard art are very happy people. They choose to convey their fun demeanor through yard decorations. No longer will I mock a home with festive front yard statues, it has come to my attention that these people have the right idea. YARD ART IS WHERE IT IS AT.

P.S. Christine and I went to the Art festival in Memorial Park. There were interesting people and interesting things. And lines.

Power Out.

Power went out for a short moment. It was long enough for us to gather candles in the living room and light them. The candles are still lit and now JMO, Leah and I are sitting around on our laptops.

Creeeeepy eyes.

Guess which one is me and which one is JMO.

JMO has wide, round eyes that children always seem drawn too. I always swear that kids are smiling at me, but once you follow their gaze, you can tell JMO is the one that interests them. I need more pictures of eyes to make more eye comparisons. If you are my friend, please let me photgraph your eye next time you see me.