The Grandparents

Aloysius and Margarettta

I know that you can tell my looking at them that they are fabulous people. They are wonderfully kind. My mom, my sister, JMO and I made the journey to Pensacola recently. JMO had never met my grandparents and I was very excited to introduce them to my boy. Good news: they adored him.

Leah is 25 years old, she is as good as gold

Happy Birthday Leah!


Today my dear pal Leah turns twenty-five years old. Once, now four whole years ago, we spent a summer in Mexico together. IT WAS THE BEST SUMMER EVER. While we were in Mexico we went to the city of Tepotzlan several times. Our goal in this city was to climb a mountain, we got there to late in the day a few times to accomplish this goal. The day we made it up, it rained. The rocks were slippery, our clothes were wet, and we didn’t slip and die! It was a glorious experience.

On one of our unsuccessful trips to climb the mountain, Leah and I strolled around the city of Tepotzlan. While in Mexico we saw many people on the streets, and we also saw many stray, hungry looking dogs. A hungry dog was more than Leah could handle. It drove her nuts. So, when we saw these little guys below, Leah marched on over to a taco stand and bought them each a taco. Leah likes puppies. Leah does not like seeing puppies go hungry. That is just the kind of glorious gal she is. Happy Birthday Chica.

Mexico Puppies