Baby Shower



We travelled back to Texas for a couple days and the best friends in the world threw a baby shower. It was the cutest thing ever. The food all coordinated with a book. If You Give a Dog a Donut, was next to a plate of donuts. There was an adorable cupcake caterpillar next to The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The Dragon Loves Tacos was next to tacos. Meatballs were of course next to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. The display was just absolutely precious. IMG_4795

The other table had little “Thank You” tins with M&M’s in them, cookies with Ander’s name on them, and bookmarks that said “Children become readers on the laps of their parents.”IMG_4818

Seeing Ander’s name everywhere was surreal. We’ve known his name for awhile, but it was so crazy to have it up and around. I know he’s a real person inside of me, but seeing his name in print made it very real.


This bulliten board had Ander’s name and baby pictures of both JMO and me. We were cute kids, so of course Ander will be too.




This bassinet was brought by JMO’s cousin, her uncle made it and her three kids used it. Their names and birthdays are written under the mattress. Now we’ll put our child’s birthdays on it, and pass it back to the other side of the family when they start having grandchildren. IMG_4838


After being away from all the people in my life, the shower was even more emotional than it might have been had we still lived around Houston this year. We have an incredible support system. Everyone was so generous and we can’t believe how much stuff this tiny human now has. We won’t be alone in our journey of parenthood. I’m so grateful to these wonderful women, Ander will have lots of love in his life!



Vela Pree Kids

Last week I hung out with Devin and Christian a bit. Sandra has done good by these ones. One day was hard work, I can’t even begin to comprehend how it would be to hang out with these kiddos everyday. Sandra Vela Pree is a spectacular mother.

Pree Babies

Christian and me.

I think after this I will be done stalking Sandra’s family for a bit. But… isn’t he the cutest baby? She really does know how to make some good looking kids. Christian didn’t want to open his eyes the whole time we were there, but I hear they are blue. He is just some peaceful and calm, like his mother.

Sandra has that baby.

Christian has learned in two days of life how to pick his nose already. At least he’s gotten fairly close to the concept. I can’t even grasp that this child was in Sandra’s stomach yesterday. He is here.
Christine was really nervous, but look how good she is! Everyone who holds the baby beams, it is just how it works. He is a magical baby that makes you smile.

Sandra refused to be photographed, but she still looked amazing. Sandra is one of the most naturally beautiful people I know. After a day of laying in bed and having a child, she still would have looked better in a photo than Christine, Leah and myself just after a day of regular work. I am wildly impressed with Sandra’s calm demeanor (she got a shot while we were there and acted like it was no big thing) and the grace in which she handles any situation. I can just imagine the nutcase I would be if I have a kiddo. I couldn’t be happier for Sandra, Cody and Devin to have Christian in their lives. The are a precious little family now and I’m glad to know them.

P.S. Babies make you want to take 5000 pictures. I have many more where this came from.

Baby momma. X2.

This girl is going to be a mom, AGAIN. Six years ago I thought she was too cool to be my friend. We lived in an apartment together sophomore year after a random sequence of events. I learned that no one is as honest as Sandra Vela. I learned that there is no need to freak out (even though there isn’t a need- I still did it). I learned to stay out later and meet people I didn’t think I would befriend. Sandra included me in her family’s dinners and vacations, and my family included her. My mother expected to see Sandra when she came to town. When Sandra was pregnant with Devin, I gained weight right a long with her. If she was stopping through a drive thru, she would call me. The Jr. double cheeseburger is still a fast food cheeseburger, my brain thought I was saving my waistline by saying “junior.”

I cried when Sandra moved out. I also cried when she gave me the play by play of childbirth during a $5 call from Mexico (I was in Mexico- not Sandra). I watched Sandra turn into a mother. I don’t know many kids, but Devin is an great one. Devin has spunk. So does his momma. I can’t wait to meet baby Christian soon. I can’t wait to see how Devin likes being a big brother.

Sandra Vela (I refuse to say Sandra Pree): I am proud to be your friend and proud to know your children. You are the hottest mom around.