Baby Zoo Animals.

I am obsessed with zoo animals today. JMO brought Zooborns to my attention and now I cannot focus on anything because there are baby animal to drool over. They are beyond adorable, I want to quit my job and work at the zoo. I’ll work for nothing just to hang out with baby koalas, zebras, gorillas and giraffes. Thank you JMO for the distracting find.


We have had and awful time keeping the Internet working since we moved. It is in my roommates name, so when I call to complain, I have to pretend to be her. This takes a lot of effort on my part because I’m an awful liar. The last time I called they told me it was probably the router. The router is only about a month old and I was reluctant to call yet another 1-800 number. Today I got home from work and Leah changed out the cable splitter. Now I have the world wide web at my fingertips. It seems ridiculous that we wasted so much time without it and we both spent so much time on the phone, when it was an overlooked old splitter.

I have never appreciated the Internet so much. I am currently downloading all the podcasts I’ve missed, catching up on some Facebook time, adding library Cd’s, updating my iPhone, and grinning from ear to ear.

I love the Internet. Thank you for working in my home.