We moved to Florida.

Graduate school and teaching has been kicking my butt for the last two years. I was in a perpetual state of being overwhelmed. I knew it would pass, but I couldn’t sacrifice effort in teaching. I couldn’t spend less time on my school assignments. Every week, I made great lesson plans, which unfortunately resulted in great papers to grade. I was spending my weekends catching up and forgetting to breathe.

In January, JMO got a job with FantasyPros. He loves sports and he loves coding, it is the perfect gig for him. I still had several graduate classes to go to finish my masters and an internship. We decided that I should take a year off from teaching and focus on finishing this degree. Then, we realized he could work from home anywhere and I could intern anywhere a school would take me. So, we came to live on the beach. My grandparents are about thirty minutes away and we get to see them two or three days a week. This time with them has been such a gift. Grandparents are different people when you grow up, life can be discussed, dinners made, and no one is busy cleaning up all the toys.

My grandparent’s house is a hub for all the family, and JMO and I have gotten to spend quality time with lots of Pickerts¬†this summer. Also, having a place by the beach brings in a lot of friends! It has been great to be able to enjoy the beach with so many people we care about. Now that the summer has ended, our company has stopped. I’m back to school work, interning, and helping out my grandparents. JMO is working from home. This past summer was full of glorious experiences. We’re here until July 30, 2015, at which time we will return to Houston and be real grown-ups.


IMG_3500Kara &Meg IMG_3562 IMG_3638 IMG_3698 IMG_3707 IMG_3783 IMG_3974 IMG_3989 IMG_4012


So, yes we moved and yes we will be back. If you want to come stay at Casa Oswalt, send us an email! We love special time with friends and family!

Engagement Photos

A few weeks ago, we took engagement pictures. At first it felt awkward to appear loving, happy, and carefree in front of Caren’s camera. Then, it felt like we were just enjoying each other’s company while our pictures were being taken. It turned out to be a lot of fun and the pictures turned out lovely. I can’t decide which are my favorites. If you click any of them, it will take you to the Flickr photostream of the set.


Typical Encounter

This was JMO’s idea for a picture. He is often on his iPad, and I am often competing for his attention.



We put this one on our save the dates. I think it is lovely. I almost skipped this part of the “wedding process” and I am so very pleased that I didn’t!


On October 6th, JMO and I got engaged. We are pretty thrilled about this. If I was a decent blogger, I would have shared by October 7th at the latest.

Please note the classification article under my hand. Classification and Dewey Decimal are my life right now.

*At some point I will write a better blogpost about this. Possibly Christmas time! 



At the end of April, we went to Las Vegas for April’s wedding. It was a lot of fun and an absolutely uniquely fun wedding.
JMO and I went four years ago to Las Vegas, right after he graduated college. It was great to reflect upon all we have done and become over the last four years. I love this boy; he is pretty great.

In constant pursuit of happiness…

JMO got me an UP band for Christmas, and I have already opened it. I am absolutely fascinated by the sleep graphs and how many steps I’ve taken. Last year, I made it a goal to become happier in 2011. Every month I’ve made goals, and struggled to stick with them. But, I have stuck with them. A year later, I am very proud of all I have done. The biggest key in the search for happiness, is knowing myself. Before, I’ve been concerned about what others are doing, what works for them. Cool trips? Cool clothes? Interesting life? These things have made me envious. This year, I’ve learned a great deal about what I want. Knowing what makes me happy is key. The way to know? TRACK THINGS! Printed plain calendars were great tools for me in 2011. I’m really excited about tracking activity as a way to inspire more movement. I also know, I am a million times happier and more pleasant to be around if I’ve had a good night’s sleep. So as I wrap I up my 2011 happiness project, I am beginning a new path of tracking. For the final two weeks of the year, I SHALL MOVE MORE and SLEEP MORE. I will not bother with the food tracking, because it is the holidays. Food becomes a priority again in 2012! The pursuit of happiness never ends, but I’ve found great satisfaction in the pursuit.