Lots to share!

When you have a blog, and don’t blog, and get married, and go on a honeymoon, there is a lot to share. I’m not really certain about where to begin my sharing. But, I miss sharing. This summer, I took a break from graduate school (which is going to kick me in the butt in less than a month). We had an awesome wedding, and an awesome honeymoon. The last few weeks, I’ve been trying to work on changing my name everywhere, writing thank you notes, and organizing our little apartment.

I’m going to start working on some posts. Honestly, this will probably be a sharing spurt. Then, work begins again and graduate school starts back. The blog break cycle probably will continue on, but luckily, pickmeg.com is still here when I’m ready!

Rio Dulce Adventure

Once upon a time in Guatemala Lauren and I took a little adventure. We travelled to Livingston, which is a little town that is only accessible by boat. We stayed the night in  a bungalow and waited on the end of this dock on Saturday morning. With our overnight bags we sat and watched boats go by. Eventually our boat arrived and we began our journey up the Rio Dulce.  

Riding up the Rio Dulce was part of a bigger journey to the rainforest. Along the river it looked like scenes from LOST, and it was hard to believe that we hadn’t already arrived in the rainforest.

The three hour boat ride was one of my favorite things we did in Guatemala. The scenery was spectacular and we only had four people on our lancha.

These little girls came up in their canoes to sell seashells, turtle shells, and jewelry.

I loved these lily pads. The water is my favorite.



At the end of April, we went to Las Vegas for April’s wedding. It was a lot of fun and an absolutely uniquely fun wedding.
JMO and I went four years ago to Las Vegas, right after he graduated college. It was great to reflect upon all we have done and become over the last four years. I love this boy; he is pretty great.

Fredericksburg, TX!


I have always heard that Fredericksburg is an adorable little town, but I never made it out there. My mom has made a few day trips, and I always seem to be not around when she does. Michael and Tranee went for the day once, I again, was somewhere else. So, I put it on my life list, and it has been sitting there waiting.

Tranee was kind enough to plan us a little girl trip. I went last Friday to San Antonio and spent a little time with the family. Then, Saturday morning we got up nice and early (like 8am!) and drove a little over an hour. The town is absolutely precious. Tranee booked a “Girlfriends Package” which included wine in our room and a massage. I had never had a massage, and I now I think I waited to long to experience one! We went to Fredericksburg Massage, an adorable little place owned by a lady named Marla. I liked Marla. She was adorable, spunky and had great life advice. Like I said, we chatted.

We had yummy food, we walked around, and we had great talks. Tranee is the only friend I have kept from high school, and I am very very glad I did. She is a phenomenal person, a wonderful mommy, and she has great insight on life. I am lucky to have her in my life and I am truly grateful that I got to spend a weekend with her.


Good friends, happy adventures, and doing activities that I have waited to do seem to be essential elements to my Happiness Project. I can check off a life list item AND my February mini adventure!

The Grandparents

Aloysius and Margarettta

I know that you can tell my looking at them that they are fabulous people. They are wonderfully kind. My mom, my sister, JMO and I made the journey to Pensacola recently. JMO had never met my grandparents and I was very excited to introduce them to my boy. Good news: they adored him.

The Pickerts take Pensacola

Pickert Family

This past week we visited the Pickerts in Pensacola, FL. My grandparents live there and we rented a house at the beach that all the families could stay at. We probably had less relatives than we had before, but we also have more college graduates than we have before. Cousins have real jobs and commitments and no longer have a holiday break. I got my own room because of this. I have never had my own room. There is usually a room with twin beds or bunk beds to be shared. Michael wasn’t there, I like it when Michael IS there. Overall, it was a great little trip. There was lots of walks on the beach, a lot of bonding with relatives, and an exorbitant amount of eating. Everyone brought the sweets they had been gifted by neighbors and coworkers so there was an entire counter space designated for holiday treats. My grandparents thoroughly enjoyed having us all come to them, and that is what it was all about.

Pickert Ladies 09Pensacola Beach 09Emily and Reade

On the last afternoon I realized I had not taken any pictures, so Emily, Reade, my mom and myself walked down to the beach. As a result I only have pictures of the four of us.