Fredericksburg, TX!


I have always heard that Fredericksburg is an adorable little town, but I never made it out there. My mom has made a few day trips, and I always seem to be not around when she does. Michael and Tranee went for the day once, I again, was somewhere else. So, I put it on my life list, and it has been sitting there waiting.

Tranee was kind enough to plan us a little girl trip. I went last Friday to San Antonio and spent a little time with the family. Then, Saturday morning we got up nice and early (like 8am!) and drove a little over an hour. The town is absolutely precious. Tranee booked a “Girlfriends Package” which included wine in our room and a massage. I had never had a massage, and I now I think I waited to long to experience one! We went to Fredericksburg Massage, an adorable little place owned by a lady named Marla. I liked Marla. She was adorable, spunky and had great life advice. Like I said, we chatted.

We had yummy food, we walked around, and we had great talks. Tranee is the only friend I have kept from high school, and I am very very glad I did. She is a phenomenal person, a wonderful mommy, and she has great insight on life. I am lucky to have her in my life and I am truly grateful that I got to spend a weekend with her.


Good friends, happy adventures, and doing activities that I have waited to do seem to be essential elements to my Happiness Project. I can check off a life list item AND my February mini adventure!