Very Busy and Very Thankful

I love having a blog, and I love that when I take a step away, it is still here.

This semester has been absolutely insane. In August, when I went to orientation for grad school, I panicked a bit. It didn’t seem possible that I could squeeze two courses in with working full time. But, I have almost made it. There have been many moments of panic, a lot of feeling totally overwhelmed, pure exhaustion, and lots of frustration. I’ve cried many a Saturday morning as I looked at my “to do” list. All that complaining, and what I mean to say is that I am so very lucky. The support of JMO, my family, and my friends has been amazing. Ashley is taking on extra work for our shared classes. JMO has taken on the grocery store and many dinners. My mom and dad have listened to me whine and complain. What would I do without these fine folks? I am so very very thankful for them.

Here is a list in no particular order of other things I am beyond thankful for…

  1. Being able to devote time to a degree that will allow me to celebrate books!
  2. A job at a school where people really care about making change in the lives of children.
  3. Working with a teaching partner who inspires me to do better every day. A gal that is a FINALIST for teacher of the year!
  4. Having a group of girls in my life who are fun, thoughtful, and just really really good people!
  5. A loving and supportive family. They really rock. My parents are always willing to listen and go out of their way to make my life better. I could not have asked for better parents. I am thankful for a brother who reminds me to have conviction in what I do in my life. And a sister who reminds me that creativity takes time, and it is worthwhile.
  6. Getting a whole new family. The Oswalts really rock too. They have always been welcoming and loving. I couldn’t be more pleased to be part of their family soon.
  7. Being able to marry my best friend. There may be no details planned for our wedding yet, but we are going to get married and it is going to be awesome. I am so very blessed to have JMO in my life.

Because I am avoiding reading articles, I could have this list go on for awhile. Life has treated me well; I need to remember this! Things get hard sometimes. When my schedule is filled to the brim, and I am no where caught up in my class – I must remember that I am thankful.

Giving Thanks

I may have spent my entire day traveling from New York to San Antonio, but I traveled with my dad and we ate hamburgers in an airport and it was quite enjoyable. I live a pretty great life and I am truly truly thankful for all my blessings.

So, in no particular order, these are the things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving.

1. I got to spend time with my family this week. All of us. We are all healthy, together, and we don’t want to kill each other. The more people I meet, the more I realize that what I have is precious.

2. I am thankful for my job. I get to laugh at work and hang out with a 7 year old who says he wants to turn the school to cheese. It is a much happier existence than my former life of financial communications.

3. I am thankful for all that I learned in my first job from college and for the good friends was able to keep from that career. I am grateful for the people in my life who made me realize that I needed a change and wouldn’t be content until I made it.

4. Teaching English has taught me a lot about what a “real problem” actually is. I don’t have any of these real problems. I am truly appreciative of how grounding this experience has been for me. It has also stretched my days and showed me what it is like to truly work to exhaustion.

5. PEOPLE. I have the best people ever in my life. I watched some Golden Girls episodes over the past few days and the theme song has been in my head, “Thank you for being a friend!”

I have been lucky in life and I am thankful for it.

Back to reality.

I’m now back in Houston after having four days off work. I’m getting ready for work now and I dread making the move out the door. Being home with my family was a wonderful treat. They are fun people and I love them. I miss getting to see people I love on a daily basis. I would probably go crazy if I actually lived there, but it is nice to watch a ridiculous movie with my brother and then go for a walk with the dog. Since Tranee and Grey are just a few blocks away we can plan to be somewhere in under 5 minutes. Back in Houston, I am missing readily available people I enjoy. Here, I plan ahead to hang out with a friend and it usually falls through the day of. I may spend to much of my life dependent on others ready to play with me.

Bucee's visit.

I finally got out of work about 5. Leaving early was a tease and I guess just a treat for others to enjoy. The “get done” pile seemed to be growing for me and shrinking for others. But I escaped and I was met with the slowest I have ever see I-10, which was fabulous.

On the way home I had to stop at Bucee’s. I can’t stop myself. That place is ridiculous. I’m pretty sure the entire town of Luling came over there too. It was packed and rightfully so. Since I was there on an empty stomach, I felt the need to take my time and look at all they sell. Bucee’s really does carry a wide variety of items. You can get Beaver corn (which is some popcorn ball type made up food), beef jerky, fudge, sandwiches made to order, Burt’s beeswax, candles, all kinds of Texas and Bucees gear (hats, shirts, keychains), coffees, sodas, juices, lunchables, chairs that look like cows, rugs that look like cows, rugs that look like “other” animals, tiles, pictures and they sell gas too. I like it there.

I love their chocolate cover pretzels and today tried the yogurt ones. They are not as good. I do not recommend them. I got a Woodwick candle for my mom, Dr. Pepper jelly beans for my sister, and black licorice jelly beans for my dad. I was excited to see them. I didn’t get anything for Mike, but he’s not here yet, so that will have to be acceptable.

Anyway, I’m very excited about Thanksgiving. It will be wonderful to have my brother here. I am really excited about seeing some old family friends. I used to babysit their kids when they were tiny, and I’m interested to see what the kids are like now. Tranee’s family is coming by and I’ll be happy to introduce Grey to JMO’s parents, who will also be joining on the fun. Since my life currently lacks socializing, tomorrow should be a social fix for awhile to come.

Happy Thanksgiving!


I’m excited for Thanksgiving.

My brother will be home. He rocks.

There will be sweet potatoes and marshmellows.

I will be able to watch Marvel try to get out the doggie door.

I’ll get to see some family friends I haven’t seen in ages. They used to be a hoot, so probably still will be.

Baby Grey time + Tranee time = Jackson family love.

The Oswalts will meet Marvel.

My dad will tell me what I need to be doing with my life.

I won’t be at work.

I have lots to be thankful for. I just have to wait a week.

P.S. When I asked my momma if she needed me to bring chairs, she responded with “Maybe we need a pinata?”