The Making of a Mad Woman

So, being a girl in a wedding is totally different than being a boy in a wedding. Justin and his groomsmen spent their day at Dave & Busters. Christine and her ladies, spent the day getting all done up. Getting all done up took a significant amount of time. The hair and make up ladies spread out their goods and worked for hours to create our looks.


The other bridesmaids all had longer hair and they got curly updos. I got a Mad Men era bump. Apparently to make such a significant bump, the hairdresser must tease the hair like it has never been teased before.


The teasing kind of hurt. I didn’t really expect that. I had no idea how big it was getting.


I should attend some heavy metals shows. I could probably achieve this look on my own. I could probably not achieve the final look on my own.



Overall, I was impressed with my poof. It was as hard as a rock and people seemed pretty curious of the hair bump I was rocking. No, there was no “Bump it” in my do. Saturday left me with a greater appreciation on the difficulty of being a fancy lady. The nails, the tan, the facials and massages, the make-up, and the hair. I have to give it to good looking women, it is a full time job to be “put together.” It was fun for a day, but I don’t have that kind of time or money.

P.S. Leah looks hot too! Look how cute!

P.P.S Click any of the pictures to go to Flickr and see all of the wedding pictures I took!

Mrs. Wilkes, Hearse Ride, Planters, Ruby

On my journey a few weeks ago, Mike and I stopped in Savannah, Georgia. It was gorgeous, old, and chilly. We were not prepared with warm clothes. I had a fleece that I’d brought for my flight to Orlando that I wound up wearing everyday. Mike had sent his winter clothes home with mom, but found a Christmas sweater in a suitcase that he wore everywhere.

Since I brought the camera, all of my vacation pictures consist of Michael standing in front of something. There is a lot more where this came from, but one only needs so many pictures of her brother.

Above is the hearse that we traveled around town in. Ghost tours are only worth the time if done from the back of a hearse. The tour guide dropped us off last and then discussed with me how he thought Savannah must be over a pocket of energy, like in LOST, spirits are drawn to this spot. He stated very plainly that he had seem more ghosts in Savannah than anywhere else. The tour guide said they had similar tours in New Orleans, where he is from, but there were no real ghosts there. Soo…. if you are looking for ghosts, Savannah is your only option in the deep south.

We tried to watch Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil because it is mentioned every two minutes in Savannah, we were bored instantly. Above is the Mercer house, the setting of the book and film.

Above, Michael and I drinking wine in a 200+ year old basement, we know how to have fun.