My Classroom

A year ago today, I was setting up a classroom. I was trying my best to get a room ready for 26 kids who would show up Monday morning. I was an absolute complete wreck, it was terrifying. I froze when asked where I would teach from. I froze when they asked where they should put their backpacks. I froze when parents asked what my name was. Preparing a classroom takes time, and time I did not have. Things worked out beautifully. I loved the kids and they didn’t seem to realize I wasn’t as prepared as I would have liked to have been.

This year I had time. Last week was mandatory back to work, but for the 2 weeks before that, I went and spent time in my room. My sister and Mrs. Oswalt came to help me. My mom and JMO came up to see all I had done. Time is a gift I am grateful for this year. I am also extremely grateful for the amazing support system I have in my life. The people I love gave me gifts for the room and worked hard to help me. I couldn’t be happier with the result.

This is a pop up shark, he is now the treasure box. Kara found him at Target. Thanks Kara!
Treasure BoxRoom

My mother and I spent half a day at JoAnn’s fabric looking for something for these curtains. I had fully intended to make them myself, but my momma took over. Moms are good that way. Emily helped me put up all my boards and border, helped me make letters and die cuts, and then decided she would free hand cut ‘Pickert’ out of fabric and fix it on my desk cover. Emily is an awesome little sister.

Desk and cubbies

Mrs. Oswalt took it upon herself to buy me shelves! Don’t they look great? JMO came up and put them together for me. Mrs. Oswalt also sorted all my books for me. She’s a nice lady. Emily also cut out “What are you reading?” out of construction paper, glued it to more construction paper, and broke my laminator trying to fit it through. It looks pretty great (laminator was then fixed by JMO). My Aggie Cheerleader bear was a gift from a kid last year; I think she looks perfect in the corner.



So, after three weeks of doing a little here and there, my room is done. Lots of people helped me, and I am so thankful to have such fabulous people around.

Grey turns 3!

My godson Grey turned 3 a couple weeks ago. I’m a little behind the times! His momma did a wonderful job, but she always does one. There were cotton candy cupcakes.

There were happy children.

There was a happy boy.

He’s so grown up!

Fredericksburg, TX!


I have always heard that Fredericksburg is an adorable little town, but I never made it out there. My mom has made a few day trips, and I always seem to be not around when she does. Michael and Tranee went for the day once, I again, was somewhere else. So, I put it on my life list, and it has been sitting there waiting.

Tranee was kind enough to plan us a little girl trip. I went last Friday to San Antonio and spent a little time with the family. Then, Saturday morning we got up nice and early (like 8am!) and drove a little over an hour. The town is absolutely precious. Tranee booked a “Girlfriends Package” which included wine in our room and a massage. I had never had a massage, and I now I think I waited to long to experience one! We went to Fredericksburg Massage, an adorable little place owned by a lady named Marla. I liked Marla. She was adorable, spunky and had great life advice. Like I said, we chatted.

We had yummy food, we walked around, and we had great talks. Tranee is the only friend I have kept from high school, and I am very very glad I did. She is a phenomenal person, a wonderful mommy, and she has great insight on life. I am lucky to have her in my life and I am truly grateful that I got to spend a weekend with her.


Good friends, happy adventures, and doing activities that I have waited to do seem to be essential elements to my Happiness Project. I can check off a life list item AND my February mini adventure!