Bob Schneider – HOB

We almost recreated Christine’s bachelorette the other night. We saw ol’ Bob at Gruene Hall and Sandra snagged us tickets for us to see him again. Leah and I went once in college too, so basically Bob is getting up there with Dave Mathews concerts now.

Girls @ Bob

Christine, Sandra, and Leah met at my house and we ate blueberry muffins for our pre-concert event. Sarah just happened to be there with a coworker, adding to our Gruene Hall recreation (we never did run into Kim, I guess living in Dallas makes that not so likely).

Bob @ HOB

This is Leah and her friend Bob. His music is just fun, so listen to it. She also remarked that he never looks the same. His hair was crazy jelled up at Gruene Hall and I think he was a skinnier man when we saw him in college.

Bob @ HOB

We were a little confused on the time of this event, so we were early. We really thought that it wasn’t going to be that crowded, but we beat the crowd. Beating the crowd allowed us to get a sweet spot. Leaving this spot and coming back to it was pretty difficult, potty breaks were tough, but it was a great view. The gals and I were super close. It was a fun night and it makes me crave some more fun nights. I need more concerts in my life.

Thank you Sandra for the tickets!

I left home on a Saturday night.

On Saturday JMO and I went to see Adele at the Warehouse. It was definitely girl music and if JMO was still in the business of needing to gain points, he would have gotten some. The Script opened, and although we had never heard of them, they were pretty good. It has been awhile since I’ve been to a concert and I forgot how fun it is. I like the noise, I like that it is so loud you have to yell at the person you are with and maybe they will hear you. The music vibrates and this venue was perfect for it. Smaller concerts just have far more charm to me. I feel like I’m enjoying something I like, not something everyone in America likes (or England- side note: I couldn’t understand a word she said between songs, her accent was really thick).
It was fun. I hope to have some more fun soon. Any takers? Ideas?