Meg Pickert, Rodeo Runner

Today I did something. I completed the Rodeo Run 10K. It was a pretty terrible showing, but I did it.

This morning I was an anxious mess, it seemed like a pretty big mistake to sign up for this run. Although I had planned on doing a lot of training, it didn’t really happen. My longest consistent run before today was a little over 3 miles. Leah told me, that someone in a bar told her, that you get caught up win the excitement and you can do more than you think.

We did get caught up in the excitement, but we did a pretty steady combination of walk/run/ and then some walk even more. We finished, albeit we were no where near running the entire 10K. When we first got there, we came upon the costume contest. Obviously, we had to stop and watch the whole thing go down. There were an entire crew of people from an insurance office (that I didn’t catch the name of) that dressed as Alice and Wonderland folk. The Mad Hatter there, in the back left hand side of this picture won.

Costume Contest

After taking in the contest, we made our way to the starting line. There were 13,000 participants, and below you can see the ones that were ahead of me. There were a lot. The people in the front were clearly in shape. We were asked to try to find our way nearest to the sign that most accurately described our mile time. Leah and I took our place past the 10:00 minute mile sign.


The start was scary, most people seemed like regulars, and I felt pretty confused. While we waited, Leah and I made a list on my phone of running gear that we would need when we become regulars.

My favorite part of the whole thing was all the people at the sides of the course. They had noisemakers and signs and screamed, “You can do it!” The thing is, they have no idea if I can do it or not, but it felt really good to hear. Strangers screaming for me was oddly motivating. Those people motivated me to finish. Leah’s boyfriend was also our ride, and he was at the finish (another motivating factor). I really needed motivation. Usually, my runs are on gravel, and I my knees were not into the concrete. I got tired quick, and starting thinking of lunch pretty early in. We did discuss many lunch options while making our way through the course. Lunch, the cheering spectators, the fabulous water tables, and the car at the end are the things that helped me do it.


There I am, in all my sweaty, tired, whiny glory. I did it. I completed a 10K. I may have been passed up by small children, grandparents, and pregnant ladies, but LEAH AND I DID IT!!

Thank you Leah for pushing me.


Leah is 25 years old, she is as good as gold

Happy Birthday Leah!


Today my dear pal Leah turns twenty-five years old. Once, now four whole years ago, we spent a summer in Mexico together. IT WAS THE BEST SUMMER EVER. While we were in Mexico we went to the city of Tepotzlan several times. Our goal in this city was to climb a mountain, we got there to late in the day a few times to accomplish this goal. The day we made it up, it rained. The rocks were slippery, our clothes were wet, and we didn’t slip and die! It was a glorious experience.

On one of our unsuccessful trips to climb the mountain, Leah and I strolled around the city of Tepotzlan. While in Mexico we saw many people on the streets, and we also saw many stray, hungry looking dogs. A hungry dog was more than Leah could handle. It drove her nuts. So, when we saw these little guys below, Leah marched on over to a taco stand and bought them each a taco. Leah likes puppies. Leah does not like seeing puppies go hungry. That is just the kind of glorious gal she is. Happy Birthday Chica.

Mexico Puppies

Bob Schneider – HOB

We almost recreated Christine’s bachelorette the other night. We saw ol’ Bob at Gruene Hall and Sandra snagged us tickets for us to see him again. Leah and I went once in college too, so basically Bob is getting up there with Dave Mathews concerts now.

Girls @ Bob

Christine, Sandra, and Leah met at my house and we ate blueberry muffins for our pre-concert event. Sarah just happened to be there with a coworker, adding to our Gruene Hall recreation (we never did run into Kim, I guess living in Dallas makes that not so likely).

Bob @ HOB

This is Leah and her friend Bob. His music is just fun, so listen to it. She also remarked that he never looks the same. His hair was crazy jelled up at Gruene Hall and I think he was a skinnier man when we saw him in college.

Bob @ HOB

We were a little confused on the time of this event, so we were early. We really thought that it wasn’t going to be that crowded, but we beat the crowd. Beating the crowd allowed us to get a sweet spot. Leaving this spot and coming back to it was pretty difficult, potty breaks were tough, but it was a great view. The gals and I were super close. It was a fun night and it makes me crave some more fun nights. I need more concerts in my life.

Thank you Sandra for the tickets!

Leah Gets Older

Today is Leah’s 24th birthday! Below you can see her in her signature awkward pose picture. This pose tells the tale of being somewhere she would rather not be or that she is trying to fool the viewer with her elusive awkwardness. I have other Leah in awkward pose pictures, but she actually looks lovely in this one, and it is her birthday.

Leah's Awkward Pose

In our time of friendship Leah has made me a Queen Latifah trading card, pretended we were part of the sisterhood of the travelling pants, probably consumed 10 gallons of queso with me, travelled around the great country of Mexico with me, consumed a truckload of diet cokes with me with sides of chocolate cake, invited me to be her date at her brother’s wedding reception and lived with me for the past year. There is more of course, but I would need more awkward pictures of her to illustrate. I’m lucky to have someone so fun be my friend. Happy Birthday Leah!

Consumption of Queso and Cake

Vegas Baby.

Oh Las Vegas. It was definitely an interesting past few days. Going on a trip with 9 girls was not something I had experienced before. I did not take very many pictures b/c almost everything of interest was being photographed by at least 4 other people, these photos will surface soon and I will just snag them then.

So here is the rundown of events completed:

1. Dinner Friday at a burger joint in NY, NY.

2. Night out at Rain in the Palms (the place the Real World people worked at that season).

3. Sweated profusely at the pool at MGM, didn’t float lazy river b/c floats were $16??!!

4. Ate bad Mexican food.

5. Wandered around. WALKED. Feet ached. Bellagio Fountains.

6. Ate at Serendipity 3. Adorable and tasty. Frozen hot chocolate consumed.

7. Saw “O” – loved it. Can’t really described what happened but I may need to work on my flexibility.

8. Played roulette. Leah and I won money. $40 turned into $95.

9. Walked, ate, shopped. More games.

10. Ate bad Italian food.

11. Saw Thunder from Down Under. Laughed hysterically for an hour and a half.

12. Gambled more. Began losing.

13. Stayed out till 6am.

14. Almost missed plane.

15. Slept from 7ish last night to 11am this morning.

16. Making this list.

Leah & Me

Me winning money


Power Out.

Power went out for a short moment. It was long enough for us to gather candles in the living room and light them. The candles are still lit and now JMO, Leah and I are sitting around on our laptops.