Vegas Baby.

Oh Las Vegas. It was definitely an interesting past few days. Going on a trip with 9 girls was not something I had experienced before. I did not take very many pictures b/c almost everything of interest was being photographed by at least 4 other people, these photos will surface soon and I will just snag them then.

So here is the rundown of events completed:

1. Dinner Friday at a burger joint in NY, NY.

2. Night out at Rain in the Palms (the place the Real World people worked at that season).

3. Sweated profusely at the pool at MGM, didn’t float lazy river b/c floats were $16??!!

4. Ate bad Mexican food.

5. Wandered around. WALKED. Feet ached. Bellagio Fountains.

6. Ate at Serendipity 3. Adorable and tasty. Frozen hot chocolate consumed.

7. Saw “O” – loved it. Can’t really described what happened but I may need to work on my flexibility.

8. Played roulette. Leah and I won money. $40 turned into $95.

9. Walked, ate, shopped. More games.

10. Ate bad Italian food.

11. Saw Thunder from Down Under. Laughed hysterically for an hour and a half.

12. Gambled more. Began losing.

13. Stayed out till 6am.

14. Almost missed plane.

15. Slept from 7ish last night to 11am this morning.

16. Making this list.

Leah & Me

Me winning money