Under Pressure

Leaving in exactly ONE hour to take my Special Ed Exam. I did not do so well on a timed practice exam yesterday. IF I fail, I cannot retake this for 3 months and it messes with the “plan” I am hoping to follow. This is me venting. Currently, reading a definition of something I’ve struggled with (mainly the laws- I keep flopping them around), then rock out to a song I love – repeat cycle.

Also pondering the Serenity Prayer, which always helps me when I feel like I can no longer control what is happening (when I am experiencing an external locus of control- test concept).

Grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

UPDATE: PASSED AND THRILLED. (Scores received this morning)

I am absolutely ecstatic. The exam was tough and I left feeling extremely worried and anxious, those laws! I not only passed, I did well. I am proud and am excited for the next steps.


If am hungry, I may eat you. Food is expensive, health care and transportation are too. I can ditch a meal and eat YOU to cut costs.


Photo by Mikhail during his Houston journey at the Natural Science Museum.

Anyone wearing an animal masks reminds me of this article from the Batt (Aggie paper) about a society of Furries. This 2005 article will start conversations for me in 2095 and if you don’t believe this, start a convo with me in 2095.

Reading lesson – Boston Massacre

The other day in my teaching certification class we had a reading specialist speak with us. It was fascinating and by far the most interesting day. The speaker shared some interesting facts, such as Texas uses third grade reading scores to determine the future number of prison cells needed. I find this fact absolutely chilling. Why third? Why not wait till high school at least? How accurate is this?

Bloom’s Taxonomy seems to be continually reappearing in all the teaching books, classes and online coursework required. The highest level is creating, when you truly understand and comprehend a lesson, you can show that understanding by creating something new. In class we were asked to read an excerpt from a textbook on the Boston Massacre and create a story line using ABC, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie or Brown Bear as the guiding text. Julie (my new class friend and groupmate) and I’s creation is below. We were incredibly proud and volunteered to read it before the class. I realize not everyone will find this as entertaining as I do, but I like it. Enjoy.

The Boston Massacre

Parliament, Parliament, what do you see?

I see angry colonists looking at me.

Angry, colonists, angry colonists, what do you see?

I see Lobsterbacks pointing guns at me.

Lobsterbacks, Lobsterbacks, what do you see?

I see Bostonians bolder than me.

Bostonians, Bostonians, what do you see?

I’m part of an angry mob throwing rocks at thee.

Angry mob, angry mob, what do you see?

I see bullets flying at me.

Bullets, bullets what do you see?

I landed in Crispus Attucks, you see.

Crispus Attucks, Crispus Attucks, what do you see?

I see I’m the first to die, but more there will be.

Others who perished, others who perished, what do you see?

I see an opportunity for Sam Adams to publicize me.

Sam Adams, Sam Adams, what do you see?

I see a cousin who has betrayed me.

John Adams, John Adams, what do you see?

I see a fair trial for these.

Redcoats, Redcoats, what do you see?

I see not guilty verdicts standing before me.

Verdicts, Verdicts, what do you see?

I see public opinion change before me.

The public, the public, what do you see?

I see a war coming, its going to be Revolutionary.

Happy Birthday Tranee!

Tranee My dear friend Tranee turns 24 years old today. Tranee and I met in Junior History class and soon discovered we lived close by and we quickly became better friends and now our families spend holidays at each others homes. She is family. Here are some things I’d like everyone to know about Tranee Rivas Jackson.

1. She doesn’t like her food to touch, veggies, meats and fruits stay away from each other.

2. She graduated with honors.

3. She owns a gun lock, but no gun.

4. She is a wonderful mommy to a fabulous baby. She would do absolutely anything for that baby (Grey is his name – he rocks).

5. She is a good listener and a wonderful advice giver.

6. She is loyal.

7. She is a hoot.

8. She has survived a vacation to Branson, Missouri with my family.

9. She has survived a year on her own with a child while her husband was in Iraq.

10. She is a badass. I love her.

I own a camera.


Since I got my camera last Spring, I have started to take pictures of lots of flowers. They are colorful and the photos are just fun. So here are some flowers I adore.

Pink Flower

Flower at Lowes. Garden centers are fun with a camera in tow.



I think I will plant a flower snail in my parent’s front yard.

Vegas Baby.

Oh Las Vegas. It was definitely an interesting past few days. Going on a trip with 9 girls was not something I had experienced before. I did not take very many pictures b/c almost everything of interest was being photographed by at least 4 other people, these photos will surface soon and I will just snag them then.

So here is the rundown of events completed:

1. Dinner Friday at a burger joint in NY, NY.

2. Night out at Rain in the Palms (the place the Real World people worked at that season).

3. Sweated profusely at the pool at MGM, didn’t float lazy river b/c floats were $16??!!

4. Ate bad Mexican food.

5. Wandered around. WALKED. Feet ached. Bellagio Fountains.

6. Ate at Serendipity 3. Adorable and tasty. Frozen hot chocolate consumed.

7. Saw “O” – loved it. Can’t really described what happened but I may need to work on my flexibility.

8. Played roulette. Leah and I won money. $40 turned into $95.

9. Walked, ate, shopped. More games.

10. Ate bad Italian food.

11. Saw Thunder from Down Under. Laughed hysterically for an hour and a half.

12. Gambled more. Began losing.

13. Stayed out till 6am.

14. Almost missed plane.

15. Slept from 7ish last night to 11am this morning.

16. Making this list.

Leah & Me

Me winning money