Ode to our Florida Living

Last June we moved to Florida for a year, and we are now approaching the end of March. Our time is ticking away on the beach. Last March, teaching and graduate school were crushing me. I couldn’t breathe or see the light at the end of the tunnel. JMO’s new job working from home gave us a lot of freedom. Freedom we needed to do something different for a short while. I loaded up on classes last summer, this past fall, and now in the spring. I’m almost done. It has taken me awhile, but I’m almost there. The goal of taking time away from teaching was to finish this master’s degree, but I couldn’t of imagined what else this year would give me.

Every Tuesday (it was Wednesdays in the fall), JMO and I head over to my grandparents. We pick up lunch and we either make dinner or pick up from somewhere. My grandfather brings out articles he’s underlined in the Wall Street Journal. We go for walks down the street, and JMO takes him to the gym sometimes. My grandma and I sometimes go out to lunch or go shopping. I’ve visited them my entire life for a week or a weekend, but now we are local and our relationship is different. I can’t fathom going back to what our relationship was like before. I’ll be grateful for this time for the rest of my life.

I love my Florida yoga studio. My anxious self has enjoyed yoga as an outlet for the last few years, but my studio here has deepened my love. Last fall, I started yoga teacher training. Our bodies are strong, and they are capable of great strength. This strength does not look the same in every person. Our bones are different! Our muscles and tissues are not the same as our peers. Thus, our bodies work differently, and we get the same benefits as the person who looks like a pretzel. The women in my group are very different and strong willed. I’ve grown from our discussions. I want to take the type of yoga these women will share with the world, and I fear that I won’t find the same companionship and passion in a bigger city. Taking this time off has allowed me to pursue this passion.

Our family is growing. We’ll be having a Florida baby this June, and our child will spend his first weeks living by the ocean. I hope it will create a deep love of the beach in him. JMO and I get to take walks and sit outside and feel the ocean air. Our only friends locally are my grandparents, so we’ve gotten lots of quality time together. This time in our marriage before our child is born has been very special.

As our time winds down, I feel this pressure to absorb every minute of our quiet lives. This time next year we’ll have a house back in Texas and our kid might be crawling. Our lives will be busier, yet we will be closer to friends and more family. JMO and I made a good decision coming to Florida.

Great Week with Family!

I spent the last week in Florida, and it was glorious! No where makes me happier than the beach, and no where feels more at home than my grandparents house. I moved a million times growing up and it was the one place I always visited. We were able to spend time with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins as well. It has been years since I’ve had good talks with them. I definitely could not have asked for  a better week!

Thank you mommy for getting us all together!


The Pickerts take Pensacola

Pickert Family

This past week we visited the Pickerts in Pensacola, FL. My grandparents live there and we rented a house at the beach that all the families could stay at. We probably had less relatives than we had before, but we also have more college graduates than we have before. Cousins have real jobs and commitments and no longer have a holiday break. I got my own room because of this. I have never had my own room. There is usually a room with twin beds or bunk beds to be shared. Michael wasn’t there, I like it when Michael IS there. Overall, it was a great little trip. There was lots of walks on the beach, a lot of bonding with relatives, and an exorbitant amount of eating. Everyone brought the sweets they had been gifted by neighbors and coworkers so there was an entire counter space designated for holiday treats. My grandparents thoroughly enjoyed having us all come to them, and that is what it was all about.

Pickert Ladies 09Pensacola Beach 09Emily and Reade

On the last afternoon I realized I had not taken any pictures, so Emily, Reade, my mom and myself walked down to the beach. As a result I only have pictures of the four of us.