Spidey Devin had a BIRTHDAY

Spidey Devin

Devin and Pinata


Devin and gifts

Today is Devin’s 4th birthday and we celebrated it on Saturday. Sandra did a fabulous job of putting the party together. Devin opened all his gifts pretty quickly. He had to see what was in every package IMMEDIATELY. After his whirlwind unwrapping session he hugged everyone in the room and said thank you. This little guy is growing up to be a pretty sweet and polite kiddo and I’m very proud to say that I have a perfect attendance record at this child’s birthdays.

Vela Pree Kids

Last week I hung out with Devin and Christian a bit. Sandra has done good by these ones. One day was hard work, I can’t even begin to comprehend how it would be to hang out with these kiddos everyday. Sandra Vela Pree is a spectacular mother.

Pree Babies

Christian and me.

I think after this I will be done stalking Sandra’s family for a bit. But… isn’t he the cutest baby? She really does know how to make some good looking kids. Christian didn’t want to open his eyes the whole time we were there, but I hear they are blue. He is just some peaceful and calm, like his mother.