Etsy – esque

As a fun holiday gift, JMO’s dad decided to find me something on Etsy. I adore Etsy, and it’s fun to search for unique items and I love the pleasure of giving my money to a person.

Well, Mr. O decided that he could make his own Etsy item. He edited this picture of me and my dad and gave me the print and the file. I like it.

A Holiday Evening with the Oswalts


Before Christmas┬áJMO’s family and I went to see A Fertile Holiday at the Radio Music┬áTheater. The show was hilarious. There were three actors who played many different parts, I suppose you could say they wore many hats. They have done this particular show for the past 26 years. Apparently the theatre will be closing down this Spring, the actors are ready to retire. The show was a hoot, and I was really glad we got the chance to see it in its final year.

I didn’t take any pictures at the show, but we did take a few pictures while we were waiting to go inside. Although Trent looks angelic, I think this is a pretty fine photograph of the Oswalts.

Happy Holidays!


I like these people. We had a truly wonderful Christmas. We spent a lot of time together, ate a lot, watched movies, and Em and I played some Scrabble. Marvel walked right over when it was time to take the picture. She knows where she belongs, front and center.

Ditched by the Middle Child

Michael aloofThis is the first Christmas that all three of my momma’s children have not been home for the holidays. Michael ditched us. Yes, it was for something important to him and his work, but there was a “6 ft hole” as my mother said.

Michael is doing Americorp at Camphill in Copake, NY. Christmas is a special time in the Village filled with many traditions. The coworkers and residents all come together to take a break and take the time to enjoy the company of the people around them. We spoke to Michael on Christmas Eve and Christmas and he sounded like he was having a fabulous time. We put him on speaker phone and it really was like he was here. We were all talking at once, Michael was just far way. According to Michael’s holiday schedule, he had candle lightings, wreath somethings, paper rose making, cooking, and sledding to accomplish. It seems as though we take a little bit of a lazier approach to the holiday. Emily and I did do holiday crafts, so we should get credit for that. I also baked a pie, which was my contribution to all of my mother’s hard work in the kitchen. (It should be noted that my father has all of a sudden become a food critic and has started with my pie baking skills. It should also be noted that he was the only one who did not compliment my fine work!)

Michael is an important part of us. He lets us know that we are all nuts. He is probably my parents favorite child, but they probably wouldn’t confess if confronted. We love you Michael; and we missed you wrapped in an entire bed spread complaining that it is too early to function.

Finding presents is hard.

Finding presents is hard. I had the lofty goal to buy presents that everyone would love. How come people I love are such a mystery to me? Shouldn’t it be easy to find people that I know well a present that would be a positive addition to their lives? It hasn’t been.

Dad never wants anything. Wait, he wanted a GPS. But he bought that for himself on Black Friday. He doesn’t like clothes or things really. He does like books, but I haven’t seen anything that screams, “MY FATHER MUST READ THIS.”

Mom deserves something spectacular. Something unique with a back story explaining why it is unique (and pretty). The things normal moms want are not appealing to my mother. I thought she needed a Coach purse like every other momma, turns out she didn’t really.

Mike believes pretty much all stuff is crap. We don’t need things, they weigh us down. So I was thinking something practical would do, but then he wouldn’t love practical and I would steer far from my goal of getting people I love things they love (I realize that is a paragraph long sentence- please pardon).

Emily is now finally into clothes and jewelry a little more. But her taste is so different than my own, I don’t know if I’m guessing close to a great gift or a horrific one. Do I get a cute piece of jewelry she’ll love now but disregard in a year? Or something she won’t care much for now and will hold onto that she will grow to love?

JMO’s gift has been purchased. Since he is an upgrader by nature, I probably bought something he would have been into 3 months ago but has now moved on. Maybe not. Maybe so. I’ll have to be hopeful because I’ve already committed.

I love more people than this, although these are the five that I’ve put all my time into worrying about. These people are wonderful to me, love me, and they deserve fabulous tokens of my affections.

PS My Christmas list is getting longer and longer if anyone wants to purchase me a gift. I am not a gift mystery.