My car is no more.

Yesterday I went to the gym. That is really the root of the problem. Since working later in the morning, I have planned to try to go to a Step, Pilates, Weights or whatever class and never actually have. Five months of saying I will go to a class and yesterday I did. I got my ass kicked. And then on the way home I really got my ass kicked. The man in the ambulance told me I would be sore tomorrow (which is now today). I told him I had done lunges and weights, so yes I would be in extra pain.
The story: I was blindly following the car in front of me. I have no recollection of looking at the color of the light. Turns out car in front of me ran the light, so I super ran the light. Then oncoming traffic runs into me. I spin around and wind up on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street. I was a complete hysterical mess. It took me about 2 hours to calm down. JMO came immediately, the photos above are his fine work, and he also wrote down all the important info. He is one fab boy. Then he bought me a sandwich. Then I spent the rest of the day on the phone.
Today: Rental car was picked up in the pouring rain, this was terrifying. My car was signed away to USAA, it is officially their “total loss” now. It turns out everyone has an opinion on cars, loans, leases, safety, gas mileage, and running red lights.

Now I shall wait and see how long the hassle of wrecking a car remains a complete hassle.

Genius Divas.

Today was a really crappy day at work. There was more work to go around than people and everyone was on edge. As an added bonus, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed too. When coworkers are on edge they tend to get snappy, and I hate to admit it, but I get snappy too. I stayed longer than I planned too and I am fairly certain fire was coming out my ears when I walked out the door.

Since I haven’t been to the gym all week, tonight seemed as good a night as any. I missed the turn for the pretty downtown gym and found myself on the highway, which added to my grumpiness. So I went to the tiny gym by my house.

Since itunes came out with the Genius playlist, I have been a fan. If you haven’t updated your itunes to do this, you need to quit everything and DO IT. Basically, you can choose a song that you are into and it makes a playlist around songs similar to that song. Tonight I went with old school Destiny’s Child. Bugaboo brought me a play list of Christina’s Dirty, Britney’s Toxic, Mariah’s Shake it Off, Feist’s 1234, Beyonce’s Check Up On It and strangely Celine’s My Heart Will Go On (disclaimer: sometimes it doesn’t match songs so well). I ran. I ran on a treadmill. I ran for 5o minutes. I typically run for 10 minutes or so and then walk and then run and so on. Divas heal and motivate. These women fixed my day. It may have been the endorphins or whatever from pushing myself, but I will thank the Divas.

Bad day healed.

you buggin what? you buggin who? you buggin me!and dont you see it aint cool