Learning More than I am Teaching

Today was my first day teaching English as second language. I learned that I was wrong about a lot of things.

1. I have no real problems. You have problems if you’ve had to flee Congo.

2. I should not assume people know how to use tape.

3. If I choose to speak louder, they still will not understand the word.

4. If I choose to use body language, they may laugh, then they may or may not understand the word.

5. Again, my life is a walk in the park.

A few years ago I spent a summer in a language school in Mexico, with other middle class people from around the world. This is what I envisioned teaching English would be like. I have a whole new respect for our teachers. I did not realize the frustration of speaking to a room full of people and not a soul understanding. The people in my class were far more excited than I could have ever expected, they WANT to learn English and they are HAPPY to be here. The pressure to deliver is on. Bringing English to 11 students from Congo is going to provide one hell of an adventure and learning experience over the next 8 weeks.

Christine's Birthday

Christine @ art show

Ms. Faller’s birthday was on Sunday, and I am running a few days behind on appreciating her. She is only a baby, she turned 24; and since I turned 25 a month ago, I can call her a baby. I always find it interesting how certain people make their ways into each other’s lives. When I met her 6 years ago, I would have never thought she would have become one of my nearest and dearest friends. Christine became friends with Kim at Fish Camp. Kim lived caddy corner to me in the dorm. Christine was around and I thought she was a hoot. We both got into CARPOOL the same semester and having a friend on nights and at meetings brought us closer together. Christine is always entertaining, and always thoughtful. I know she is someone I will always be able to count on.I love and adore her and am lucky to have her in my life.