Life List

Below is the ever evolving list of things I want to accomplish in my life. Any suggestions for things that are awesome are greatly appreciated.

  • Go shoe shopping in Italy
  • European Cruise
  • Australia!
  • Visit Alaska
  • Have a spa weekend and not once think of the cost
  • Grand Canyon
  • A weekend in Fredericksburg, TXCHECK
  • Hike on Enchanted RockCHECK
  • Become a Librarian (get a Master’s in Library Sciences first) starting in the Fall of 2012
  • Read 1000 books ( to track)
  • Complete a half marathon
  • Go to the Folk School for a vacation
  • Get married and enjoy it all CHECK
  • Take my brother on a trip. The “Southeast Shuffle” – May 2009. CHECK
  • See San Fransisco
  • Complete a boot campCHECK
  • Have a writer comment on my blog (added after the fact, absolutely thrilling for me)CHECK
  • Complete the walk of St. James
  • Go on a mission trip. Honduras 2011 CHECK
  • Explore the Florida Keys
  • Complete a 10K, Rodeo Run CHECK
  • Talk Emily into going to Texas A&M FAILED and okay with it. Little sister has decided to attend the University of Alabama. Roll Tide!
  • Take a vacation alone
  • London, pretend to be Harry Potter
  • Teach somewhere besides America
  • Become fluent in Spanish – working on it…
  • Visit all 50 states (20 down, 30 to go)
  • Publish a book (it does not have to sell any copies, I just want to make and create a book about something)
  • See a real live VOLCANO!CHECK
  • Be in tip top shape (I’ll know it when it happens)
  • Take an extended vacation, 1-2 months, somewhere unusual NOT THAT UNUSUAL, BUT SPENDING A YEAR LIVING BY THE BEACH
  • Share a meal with an old friend – suggested by an old friend
  • Be a momma
  • Have a house with a library in it
  • Become a yoga teacher

Florida: Things I want to do in our year in the Florida Panhandle

  • Kayak in Milton
  • Visit the Grand Hotel
  • Bellingrath Gardens
  • USS Alabama
  • Avery Island
  • Pensacola Art Museum
  • Pensacola Hockey Game
  • Zip line over Coldwater Creek
  • Up to Atlanta to go with JMO to the new College Football Museum
  • Enjoy quality time with friends and family by the beach

Houston: I need to explore where I live!

  • Eat at the Breakfast Klub – CHECK –worth the wait!
  • Buffalo Soldiers National Museum – CHECK
  • Houston Bicycle Museum
  • Houston Fire Museum
  • Holocaust Museum Houston
  • National Museum of Funeral History – CHECK
  • Lillie and Hugh Roy Cullen Sculpture Garden
  • Art Car Museum

5 thoughts on “Life List

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  5. Maybe you could add…share a meal with an old friend. We can use it as a good reason to get together…not that we really need a reason. 🙂 Congrats on grad school! I am about to finish mine in four weeks!

    Hugs! Courtney

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