Happiness Project Progress (January)

For 2011, I made a plan to get happier. Although January has 2 days left, I decided that I would count those days as part of February because they start a new week. The first month I decided to focus on getting enough sleep and getting myself in shape. Now, I wasn’t able to achieve my goals 100%, but I feel proud of my tracking and of my achievement.

This printout of the month of January sat on my desk. Both goals were written at the top. I also tracked my weight (as a girl, this is extremely awkward, but I put it on the calendar so I can try to improve it. I’m going to attempt to own it). This number has not changed either. I wanted to work out 4 times a week, and out of the 4 weeks, I met that goal twice. Overall, I should have worked out 16 times, and I worked out 15 times, which is a 93% rate of success. My body is no slimmer than it was before, but I feel good. Boot camp has been HARD, but I feel more in shape than I have in years. My endurance has definitely improved. Completing a boot camp is on my life list, and crossing that off seems like a serious accomplishment. Leah and I are also signed up for a 10K (which is also on the list), and we are really going to be able to finish! My fitness is greatly improving, which I do believe leads to an overall feeling of health, which is a definite happiness booster.

Sleeping 8+ hours a night was not a goal I met. I had a good night’s sleep 16 out of the 30 days (53%). I am busy, and this was tough. My body needs sleep. This needs to be a priority in another months. I will refocus on this a couple months from now.

Friend night happened! We made pizza, Mikhail came to town, I watched a dog, and Leah and I played Rummikub on the floor. All and all, quite a success. Christine has agreed to take on a February night, so I think we are in business.

We just got back from Dallas a couple of hours ago. This month’s mini adventure was a wedding in Dallas. Now this didn’t really take extra effort, we would have done this either way. I did not go out of my way to plan something, but oh well. I’m counting it. The wedding was a full mass, and honestly one of the most beautiful ceremonies I’d ever attended. (Congrats Jeff & Amanda!)

January 2011

Now it is time to focus on February. My primary goal will be BUDGETING. I’m going to listen to dear old Dave Ramsey and carry some cash and pay for my goods. The frivolous spending has gotten a little out of control. Especially on things for my classroom. I throw pencils in my shopping cart constantly, and I am fairly embarrassed to share how much I’ve spent on books.

The secondary goal will still be working out. Although I am proud of the last month, I still need to keep track of my work outs. The habit hasn’t quite been made yet.

And in the month of love, for that extra boost of happiness, JMO and I are taking cooking classes.

*Gretchen Rubin was definitely right about the satisfaction of tracking happiness.

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  1. I am very proud of you sweetie. I had a ton of fun on our Friend Night and on our Mini-Adventure. I am pumped about the exciting things we will do in February.

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