Boots are expensive.

I’ve done some research now. Boots aren’t cheap. And Michelle will be there to guide and help in the boot search. Michelle is a lifelong Texan, owns boots, hats, and even has something called a “hat band.” Now I just hope that there will be some kind of super sale when we get there and these pretty things are all at bargain prices.


A coworker from NY is coming to town on Friday. She wants me to help her on a quest for real Texas cowboy boots. I seem to be the wrong person for this challenge. I do not own cowboy boots. I’ve never shopped for cowboy boots. I don’t own a cowboy hat. My only cowboy experience was a family trip to the Flying L Dude Ranch.

I realize I should have gained some cowboy knowledge by now. I moved to Texas shortly before turning 17, which means I’ve been in the great big state of Texas for 7 years now. I spent 4 years of that at A&M. How did I manage to not gain any cowboy knowledge? Maybe it is time for me to gain some. Or at least gain some boots. I used to think they looked ridiculous, but now I see them as a lasting fashion accessory. What better way to show strangers at an airport that I’m from Texas? Maybe I should not only help my coworker/friend in her quest, but maybe I should join in this quest.