2016 Recap


This is the 9th year of JMO and I have done a yearly recap. His can be found at jmo.me. Looking back, I’m sad to see my last post was my 2015 recap. I love that I have my recaps and stories saved in one place, hopefully I will be compelled to write more stories in the future!

In the last year…


I got a call out of the blue for a librarian job at a nearby elementary school. I wasn’t expecting to go back last spring, but the opportunity wasn’t one I could pass up. The position had been vacant for a chunk of the school year, so it has been quite an adventure cleaning up the library. But, I’ve really been able to make it my own. Ander’s Bebe, retired last year too. Ander gets to spend his days with his dad and grandmother.


My grandfather passed away early this year. He was always someone I wanted to impress. I loved his enthusiasm for anything I cooked or baked. I’m grateful for a childhood full of visits where he took me to the pool, bowling, museums and wherever else he thought kids might like. He lived a long life, had a wonderful family, and went on amazing adventures. My grandma now lives in New Orleans.┬áIt is a little closer than Florida, so we’ve been able to scoot over there every few months.

Ander turned 1

Ander is one hilarious child. He is so eager to explore, make messes, and get hugs. He never has time to sit and snuggle, there is to much to be done. It is hard to remember life before parenthood.

Brother’s Wedding

My brother got married this past summer. My brother is loved by everyone who meets him, so meeting many of his friends at the wedding was a lot of fun. There is something amazing about interacting with people that all traveled to watch two people we all love for different reasons come together. JMO, Ander, and I were all in the wedding. Timing naps around wedding events was something I had never pondered before having a one year old!



We had lots and lots of family time this year! My family took a trip to Florida, we went to Galveston for a few days with JMO’s family. We travelled to my brother’s wedding and we travelled to my brother’s for Thanksgiving. Ander had both sets of grandparents and all his uncles at his first birthday. There were lots of weekend visits from my parents and lots of meals with JMO’s parents. We are very grateful for our loving and generous families!

In 2017…

Baby #2

We are expecting our daughter at the end of March. I can’t wait to see Ander’s reactions to having a sibling. I’m excited to meet our newest family member. I’m sure 2017 will be full of diapers, toddler chasing, and time at home!