Best of 2011

This year was great! I enjoy being able to reflect upon the year that was through my blog. I blogged a lot in the Spring and Summer, but the Fall got a little crazy. I wish I’d done more blogging here these last few months, (I’ve shifted some of my blogging energy to my classroom blog). Being able to look through all my posts for a year reminds me how much I love recording and journaling it all. It has become a bit of a tradition (2008, 2009, and 2010). Below is my highlight list of 2011.

  • I ran a 10k! I’m actually still surprised I did this.
  • Tranee and I took a girl trip to Fredericksburg.
  • JMO and I took a cooking class, which he gave me for Christmas.
  • I went to visit Mike in Orlando for Spring Break.
  • I was named rookie teacher of the year for my school district.
  • My family and I spent a week at the beach in Florida visiting with my relatives.
  • I travelled to Honduras for my first mission trip.
  • I enjoyed¬†karaoke¬†with my pal.
  • JMO and I have been dating for five years!
  • My cousin got married in New Orleans, not only did I get a mini vacation, but I got lots of family time!
  • I completed a year long Happiness Project

Next year….

In 2012 I have a few broad plans. I’d like to save more money. At my age, I feel like I should have a little more in the bank. That means only buying things I truly want and having a plan. I quit my gym this week. The monthly amount I paid for my gym fee will now automatically go into savings. I’ve really enjoyed doing bootcamps, zumba classes, and whatever else I find a Groupon for. Indpendent studios are more motivating to me. I’m doing the Rodeo Run again in February, so that will motivate me to get outside and run a little more. Next year I want to continue to spend time with people and make sure they know what they mean to me. Life has been good to me, and I hope it continues to be!

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