2009, The year a few things happened

Holy Moly. What happened to 2009? I just breezed through the last year on my blog and tried to scoop out the highlights, I have that problem where everything is a highlight, narrowing down doesn’t work so well for me. Overall, it was a great year. JMO moved back from New York. I quit my job working in an office to work on my teaching certification and picked up quite a few interesting adventures. Here is the best of my year – in no particular order.

1. Great trip to NYC before JMO left.

2. My family went on a trip to NYC over Thanksgiving.

3. Sandra had Christian. I got a new godson!

4. Mike and I went on road trip from Orlando to San Antonio. He names it Southeast Shuffle. Great week. My brother is fascinating.

5. I quit. Wow. Still can’t believe it.

6. Vegas. 9 girls. Leah got salmonella.

7. I got a job in an elementary school.

8. I turned 25. JMO and friends threw me a surprise party. Awesome.

9. Did this list in September when I explained the best of being 24 years old.

10. Most importantly, I got to spend a lot of time with people I love. Mom, Dad, Mike, Emily, JMO, The Oswalt Family, ALL the Pickerts, Tranee’s family, Sandra’s family, Leah, Christine, Michelle, my students, Sylvia, Sarah, Lesley and youth group kiddos and many other lovely folks. I am truly blessed to have such fabulous people in my life. Cheesy as it is – PEOPLE ARE THE BEST OF 2009.

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