Past and Future, Side by Side

Last month I started working part time for my old job. This is the job that pushed me to make a change in my life. This is the job that made me realize I didn’t want to sit in a cubicle/room of computers/coworkers all day. I am working here for the duration of their busy season. I’ve said goodbye to my weekday afternoons, but I’ve said hello to quite a few positives.

Before I came back, I had begun seeing my previous life in an office through rose colored glasses. I love the kids, but I remembered the world where I didn’t have to give someone permission to use the restroom and I didn’t have to wait half a day to use it myself. I was remembering the free food and tickets to events very fondly. Coming back to the financial communication world has truly giving me an appreciation of the new path I’ve chosen. My decision to change directions feels like the best decision I have ever made. In the financial world, no one hugs you when a project is done. I used to get tickets to sporting events, but now I get pictures of stick figures with the words “You are the bestest” written in every color crayon. Having the stark contrast of elementary by day and office by night has truly allowed me to put my past life and my future life side by side. The future is looking bright. Financial communications are essential to our economy, but they are not to my life. The urgency of deadlines and the high demands of clients are no longer the only way to earn an income. Missing a deadline was devastating, I haven’t missed one yet since I’ve been back, but my perspective on the end of the world has changed. If something doesn’t make it, it isn’t a great thing, but adjustments can be made and you can move forward. Kids make me laugh. Lawyers do not. Accountants do not. Morning warm ups, book talks, recess, and the science fair will always beat out work orders, filing deadlines, SEC regulations, and unwanted overtime.

Extra money and extra time spent with a few old friends will also be added to the list of positives. So, I may not have any pictures to post of anything cool I’ve done lately. I haven’t done much outside of my double life, but I’ve learned a lot about choosing your own happiness. There is always a choice. Nothing has to be done the way I am currently doing it. The chance to look at the old choice versus the new choice doesn‚Äôt come around everyday. I am grateful that the opportunity to see my past and future together, side by side, came around. The future looks good, and when I come out the other side I hope to go back to spending some more time with the people I love and adore.

2 thoughts on “Past and Future, Side by Side

  1. Great perspective. I am glad to see you recognize your option to choose to change at anytime.

  2. Great post! We don’t always have the opportunity to compare the old and the new side by side but I am happy to hear you made the right choice and that you are padding your wallet a little bit!

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