Sandra has that baby.

Christian has learned in two days of life how to pick his nose already. At least he’s gotten fairly close to the concept. I can’t even grasp that this child was in Sandra’s stomach yesterday. He is here.
Christine was really nervous, but look how good she is! Everyone who holds the baby beams, it is just how it works. He is a magical baby that makes you smile.

Sandra refused to be photographed, but she still looked amazing. Sandra is one of the most naturally beautiful people I know. After a day of laying in bed and having a child, she still would have looked better in a photo than Christine, Leah and myself just after a day of regular work. I am wildly impressed with Sandra’s calm demeanor (she got a shot while we were there and acted like it was no big thing) and the grace in which she handles any situation. I can just imagine the nutcase I would be if I have a kiddo. I couldn’t be happier for Sandra, Cody and Devin to have Christian in their lives. The are a precious little family now and I’m glad to know them.

P.S. Babies make you want to take 5000 pictures. I have many more where this came from.

Sunglasses and awkwardness.

Within two seconds of exiting the car I accosted these girls and handed JMO the camera. I got a new camera and I am excited about this. It turns out my old camera wasn’t taking the greatest pictures. My Vivitar and I had a good run, four to five years (I can’t remember when I got it). When the flash was on, everyone looked like a ghost, although this was good for a false sense of a clear complexion, it isn’t necessarily the coloring I want my memories in. My new memories should have more accurate coloring and a clearer picture. So friends, look forward to me attacking you with my camera and writing a blog post about it.

Thanks JMO, Christine and Leah for being good sports.

Baby momma. X2.

This girl is going to be a mom, AGAIN. Six years ago I thought she was too cool to be my friend. We lived in an apartment together sophomore year after a random sequence of events. I learned that no one is as honest as Sandra Vela. I learned that there is no need to freak out (even though there isn’t a need- I still did it). I learned to stay out later and meet people I didn’t think I would befriend. Sandra included me in her family’s dinners and vacations, and my family included her. My mother expected to see Sandra when she came to town. When Sandra was pregnant with Devin, I gained weight right a long with her. If she was stopping through a drive thru, she would call me. The Jr. double cheeseburger is still a fast food cheeseburger, my brain thought I was saving my waistline by saying “junior.”

I cried when Sandra moved out. I also cried when she gave me the play by play of childbirth during a $5 call from Mexico (I was in Mexico- not Sandra). I watched Sandra turn into a mother. I don’t know many kids, but Devin is an great one. Devin has spunk. So does his momma. I can’t wait to meet baby Christian soon. I can’t wait to see how Devin likes being a big brother.

Sandra Vela (I refuse to say Sandra Pree): I am proud to be your friend and proud to know your children. You are the hottest mom around.

CARPOOL. Best Organization ever.

Saturday evening JMO and I attended the CARPOOL Gala. It was more enjoyable two years out of school than it was one year out. Last year it made me miss CARPOOL, miss the experiences, the friends, the feeling of satisfaction and being important. This year, I felt old and although I still greatly miss being a member and a leader in the organization I now feel intense pride in being part of the history of the safe ride program.

CARPOOL is truly unique, not only in what they do, giving anyone a ride home that needs it, but the collection of people that make it happen. I’m proud to write them a check and I’m proud to introduce myself to a current member as a former member. I still beam with pride when I explain to coworker what I spent my college years doing. I learned more from CARPOOL than I’ve learned from school or my job. CARPOOL taught me how to manage people, manage funds, manage rides and cars. CARPOOL brought be closer to the friends I made freshman year and made me countless more. When JMO and I started dating, I told him it would never work because it was not worth feeling weird at CARPOOL. Turns out it didn’t make CP weird.

If you want to donate to CARPOOL. It would make me happy.