I grew up a military brat, but the Florida Panhandle and Houston are the two places that are home in my heart. JMO and I are currently on a year hiatus in Florida. I’m wrapping up my masters in library science and JMO is working from home. We are getting lots of quality time with my grandparents, the beach, and family and friends that come to see us. I love teaching, books, yoga, the beach, and family.

My blog for graduate school is libshark.org.

My teaching blog (currently on a break) is fourthgradesomething.com.

I’m a little obsessed with Pinterest.

Instagram is for fun pictures.

I don’t Tweet often, but I look frequently.

Also, that picture of me is several years old, but I love it, so I’m not updating it.



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  1. MEG PICKERT! OMG! It’s Courtney Allen from 4th grade in FL!!!! I have been at my parents house all weekend sifting through all the stuff from my childhood so OF COURSE millions of pictures of you and me showed up. In fact I came across an “All about Meg Pickert project that I some how ended up with. You wrote all about yourself and all me. It was so terrific. I have actually thought of you often over the years and with facebook and LinkednIn etc I don’t know why I didn’t think to look you up sooner! And look how easy it was to find you! I love your blog! I acutally was blogging on wordpress for awhile too but haven’t in a bit. I’m actually going to be in Austin, TX for a wedding June 9-13. My boyfriend, Josh, is from Lubbock, TX and he spent a lot of time in Austin. Actually some good friends of mine from HS all went to A & M. The Coggins: Katie, Allison, Will and Carolyn. Allison is our age. Anyways so much to catch up on!!! I live in Denver, CO and so does my bro, Cam and then mom and dad live in Colorado Springs, CO which is about an hours south. Please email me! courtneyjaneallen@gmail.com. I am on facebook and twitter. my cell is 719 325 6901. I would love to catch up! My mom says hi! hugs, Courtney

  2. Heyy i am Emma Graces cousin she is a student in your class. i was on facebook and stumbled opon it and wanted to say keep up the good work love ur website.. ! 🙂

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