Enjoying the web.

Work is slow and I am thoroughly enjoying catching up on my Google reader, archiving my work and personal inboxes, making one cup of tea after the other and of course generally enjoying not having tense phone conversations and urgent work. Thank you holidays.

List of enjoyment:

  • Sandra shared this Rebecca Wolf story that I found highly entertaining.
  • I ordered 2 more Etsy prints last night and Annette Mangseth sent me a wonderful thank you note for ordering from her again (which I was more than happy to do).
  • Christine is now engaged, so that gives me plenty of things to look at, I don’t know when yet, colors, locations or really anything. But I am enjoying looking up “Christine” like dresses, cakes and flowers.
  • I’ve been corresponding via email with Leah, she has good things to say.
  • Zooborns has baby rhinos today.
  • I only have to work 10am-4pm tomorrow.
  • JMO is still in Houston, and wrote a great post about how fabulous it is to spend time with me.
  • No one has been rude to me on the phone today.

These are a few of my favorite things (today at least).