Engagement Photos

A few weeks ago, we took engagement pictures. At first it felt awkward to appear loving, happy, and carefree in front of Caren’s camera. Then, it felt like we were just enjoying each other’s company while our pictures were being taken. It turned out to be a lot of fun and the pictures turned out lovely. I can’t decide which are my favorites. If you click any of them, it will take you to the Flickr photostream of the set.


Typical Encounter

This was JMO’s idea for a picture. He is often on his iPad, and I am often competing for his attention.



We put this one on our save the dates. I think it is lovely. I almost skipped this part of the “wedding process” and I am so very pleased that I didn’t!

Houston Life List

I was searching Trip Advisor and took a look at Houston. It turns out, there are lots of things I haven’t explored here. So, I’m adding a section to my list for home. I can’t let the great things here get by me!

  • Buffalo Soldiers National Museum – not even a block from my house and I haven’t been!
  • Houston Bicycle Museum – I pass this on my runs!
  • Houston Fire Museum – I didn’t know this existed…
  • Holocaust Museum Houston – Again, just a few blocks away from me, but I’ve got to be prepared to deal with sadness.
  • Lillie and Hugh Roy Cullen Sculpture Garden – never heard of this, but it sounds cool!
  • Art Car Museum

I went through and added a little section to the bottom of my life list. When the intense busyness passes, I will not be short on activities.