No boots for me.

I had thought if I found a pair of boots that were fab and they were reasonably priced, then I would take the plunge. Well the pair I immediately loved and needed was a whopping $300. I realized that although they were fab, I could not spend that much on a pair of shoes that would spend the 5 days a year out of my closet. Maybe for Christmas though…..

Boots are expensive.

I’ve done some research now. Boots aren’t cheap. And Michelle will be there to guide and help in the boot search. Michelle is a lifelong Texan, owns boots, hats, and even has something called a “hat band.” Now I just hope that there will be some kind of super sale when we get there and these pretty things are all at bargain prices.


A coworker from NY is coming to town on Friday. She wants me to help her on a quest for real Texas cowboy boots. I seem to be the wrong person for this challenge. I do not own cowboy boots. I’ve never shopped for cowboy boots. I don’t own a cowboy hat. My only cowboy experience was a family trip to the Flying L Dude Ranch.

I realize I should have gained some cowboy knowledge by now. I moved to Texas shortly before turning 17, which means I’ve been in the great big state of Texas for 7 years now. I spent 4 years of that at A&M. How did I manage to not gain any cowboy knowledge? Maybe it is time for me to gain some. Or at least gain some boots. I used to think they looked ridiculous, but now I see them as a lasting fashion accessory. What better way to show strangers at an airport that I’m from Texas? Maybe I should not only help my coworker/friend in her quest, but maybe I should join in this quest.

Cool Boys.

Announcement: Michael Pickert is good with babies. I really like this picture of my brother and Grey, my godson. Mike was really awkward at first with Grey, but the baby was just so instantly comfortable with him. They are like old friends, except Grey isn’t old enough to be anyone’s old friend.

Leah goes to a work dinner.

Leah: The place has like octapus and goat.
me: Gross, are you going to eat some goat?
Leah: Can’t decide between the two. Hopefully the octapus is alive and running around my plate.
me: They run?
Leah: Sure they do– marathoners I dont know, maybe?
me: Triatholon?
Leah: yeah
me: They kick butt at the swimming portion
Leah: Maybe a triatolon for sure. I bet they could definitely do the bike if one leg got tired, he’s got many more to trade out
Leah: Running too I guess for that matter. Hopefully he has the endurance for it all
me: 8 legs, what a cheat, he would win
Leah: No kidding. I will never play sports with an octapus