Leah goes to a work dinner.

Leah: The place has like octapus and goat.
me: Gross, are you going to eat some goat?
Leah: Can’t decide between the two. Hopefully the octapus is alive and running around my plate.
me: They run?
Leah: Sure they do– marathoners I dont know, maybe?
me: Triatholon?
Leah: yeah
me: They kick butt at the swimming portion
Leah: Maybe a triatolon for sure. I bet they could definitely do the bike if one leg got tired, he’s got many more to trade out
Leah: Running too I guess for that matter. Hopefully he has the endurance for it all
me: 8 legs, what a cheat, he would win
Leah: No kidding. I will never play sports with an octapus

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