Miss Independent 2008.

After reflecting back on this past year, more happened than I initially thought. I realized that out of all my favorite things about 2008, the theme appeared to be independence. I have realized that I don’t need to measure happiness in people but in my ability to make my own path. Let the recap begin…

  • Spent a week in Vegas with JMO. I learned to gamble, I played on my own. The shows were great, the company was great, and I took pictures of random things.
  • Tranee had a baby and I am Grey’s godmother.
  • I went to my grandparents house for 4 days in July. I finally felt like an adult in a house I’ve always felt like a child in.
  • I went to NY twice. Once paid for by work and the other as a birthday gift from JMO.
  • My cousin Drew got married in Myrtle Beach. He is the first of my cousins to get married and I enjoyed a beach I’d never been to. My flight back got cancelled and I got stuck at a hotel with strangers. I ate dinner and enjoyed drinks with people I had never met or will ever see again.
  • I moved from a one bedroom into a 2 bedroom with my good friend Leah. The location is far superior to Westheimer (busiest street in Houston).
  • The move made me finally start buying furniture and decorating, I am very pleased with the space I’ve created for myself.
  • Emily started liking girlier things.
  • Michael travelled, and I lived vicariously through him.
  • I lost and found my Aggie ring. I overcame feeling irresponsible.
  • I grew out of the “year of transition” that was 2007. I am a legit grown up now.

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