Leah Gets Older

Today is Leah’s 24th birthday! Below you can see her in her signature awkward pose picture. This pose tells the tale of being somewhere she would rather not be or that she is trying to fool the viewer with her elusive awkwardness. I have other Leah in awkward pose pictures, but she actually looks lovely in this one, and it is her birthday.

Leah's Awkward Pose

In our time of friendship Leah has made me a Queen Latifah trading card, pretended we were part of the sisterhood of the travelling pants, probably consumed 10 gallons of queso with me, travelled around the great country of Mexico with me, consumed a truckload of diet cokes with me with sides of chocolate cake, invited me to be her date at her brother’s wedding reception and lived with me for the past year. There is more of course, but I would need more awkward pictures of her to illustrate. I’m lucky to have someone so fun be my friend. Happy Birthday Leah!

Consumption of Queso and Cake