I left home on a Saturday night.

On Saturday JMO and I went to see Adele at the Warehouse. It was definitely girl music and if JMO was still in the business of needing to gain points, he would have gotten some. The Script opened, and although we had never heard of them, they were pretty good. It has been awhile since I’ve been to a concert and I forgot how fun it is. I like the noise, I like that it is so loud you have to yell at the person you are with and maybe they will hear you. The music vibrates and this venue was perfect for it. Smaller concerts just have far more charm to me. I feel like I’m enjoying something I like, not something everyone in America likes (or England- side note: I couldn’t understand a word she said between songs, her accent was really thick).
It was fun. I hope to have some more fun soon. Any takers? Ideas?