OMG – Taylor Hicks??

My dear friend Michelle invited me to share her birthday gift with her last night, tickets to Grease. I love a show and was absolutely thrilled to be asked. Upon our arrival there was a life size cut out of Taylor Hicks that claimed we could meet him! We thought this was hilarious and kicked ourselves in the butts for not taking a photograph with the cardboard version of the man. Apparently Mr. Hicks now travels with Grease. The show started and I asked Michelle, “Which one is he?” and she consulted the Playbill. This consultation revealed that Mr. Hicks would only be on stage for ONE song – Beauty School Dropout. This idea was hysterical as well, because everything involving Taylor was incredibly comical last night.

When Taylor Hicks finally came on stage, he descended from the ceiling in an ice cream cone. At first we could not decide if Taylor would even get out of the cone, because he was belted in. Slowly the cone came down and he undid he cone seatbelt and sang to dear Frenchie. Frenchie exclaimed, mid song, “I voted for you!” Really?? At this point Michelle and I were lucky there was no floor space, because we would have been rolling in the aisles in hysterics.

Taylor once again appeared on stage after all the cast had bowed to botch the words of the theme. THEN came back at the very end to play his new single for the audience and plug his show at the Warehouse Live on Monday. The entire audience was looking around, because when has anyone EVER seen a performance after a musical? The audience was in awe while Michelle and I were (yet again) in hysterics.

Michelle and Meg @ Grease!

After the show we decided we had no where else to be, so we needed to get in line to meet the man, only to prove that it had happened. First we scoped out the line and hilarity from the balcony. We talked to strangers about how strange his appearance was.


Ladies love Taylor. The line was entirely ladies. So how many of these people only came to see Grease because of him? And how many of these people are just American Idol fans who just wanted to have a picture with one? The whole thing was fascinating. We wound up going down and trying to take pictures with our IPhones and I attempted to Tweet Taylor’s picture. We did not stand in the line because you had to buy Merchandise to do so and well that wasn’t going to happen.

Grease was also adorable, it was just overshadowed by the ridiculousness that was Taylor Hick’s involvement in the show. Thank you Michelle for inviting me, I had a blast!