Bucee's visit.

I finally got out of work about 5. Leaving early was a tease and I guess just a treat for others to enjoy. The “get done” pile seemed to be growing for me and shrinking for others. But I escaped and I was met with the slowest I have ever see I-10, which was fabulous.

On the way home I had to stop at Bucee’s. I can’t stop myself. That place is ridiculous. I’m pretty sure the entire town of Luling came over there too. It was packed and rightfully so. Since I was there on an empty stomach, I felt the need to take my time and look at all they sell. Bucee’s really does carry a wide variety of items. You can get Beaver corn (which is some popcorn ball type made up food), beef jerky, fudge, sandwiches made to order, Burt’s beeswax, candles, all kinds of Texas and Bucees gear (hats, shirts, keychains), coffees, sodas, juices, lunchables, chairs that look like cows, rugs that look like cows, rugs that look like “other” animals, tiles, pictures and they sell gas too. I like it there.

I love their chocolate cover pretzels and today tried the yogurt ones. They are not as good. I do not recommend them. I got a Woodwick candle for my mom, Dr. Pepper jelly beans for my sister, and black licorice jelly beans for my dad. I was excited to see them. I didn’t get anything for Mike, but he’s not here yet, so that will have to be acceptable.

Anyway, I’m very excited about Thanksgiving. It will be wonderful to have my brother here. I am really excited about seeing some old family friends. I used to babysit their kids when they were tiny, and I’m interested to see what the kids are like now. Tranee’s family is coming by and I’ll be happy to introduce Grey to JMO’s parents, who will also be joining on the fun. Since my life currently lacks socializing, tomorrow should be a social fix for awhile to come.

Happy Thanksgiving!