Friend of a Friend

Desiree's Bacholorette

Last Saturday I attended Sandra’s lifelong friend’s bachelorette party. Desiree is getting married in two weeks and I only see her for functions like Sandra’s wedding and baby showers. She did visit Sandra a few times at A&M as well but although she is someone I don’t know very well, I like her a lot. Desiree is very sweet and kind in a way that most people give up on sometime during college. She will do great things and I will hear about them through my friend and that is really what a good “friend of a friend” is.

Every one of my friends has a friend that I enjoy hearing their life updates through my friend, but they are not my good friend. I think it is the same kind of curiousnes that comes with reading a stranger’s blog. I don’t know them personally, but I like to hear that things are going well for them or hear they just took a really cool trip (I always enjoy hearing about a good trip).

Friend of friends are characters in the lives of my closest friends. Their involvement in my friend’s lives make up a big part of my close friend’s lives because they are their close friends. Point is: I am fascinated by the friends of others and Sandra’s friend serves as an example to that. If you followed any of this, I’m impressed.

Volleyball Superstar aka Emily Pickert

Today my sister Emily had high school volleyball tryouts, she is an incoming freshman. The day went as follows:

1045: Check In, get a number

1100: Try outs start

130: Possibly get invited back

430: End of tryouts

530: Eat dinner with the girls

700: Check if your name is on a list

So it was a good thing I was never competitive, because I wouldn’t have made it through that ordeal at 14. I would have passed out or vomitted on another player.

Emily had hoped to make the Freshman team and made the Junior Varsity team. Tomorrow she starts two a day practices. High school sports are intense, I never knew this because I didn’t take part. I would be proud of that girl no matter what. I am so proud that she stays out of the teenage girl drama and she has such a good head on her shoulders. Congratulations Emily! I love you!