The Wedding is Coming Soon!

Last month we went on a little trip for Christine’s Bachelorette Party. I don’t think many of us had been a girl trip since college. It was great to have a mini adventure with a dear friend to celebrate the coming changes in her life. Christine is about to be a real life grown-up.

We went out on 6th Street in Austin all dressed in black dresses. Christine wore a diamond on her head, which was pretty darn awesome.

On Saturday we drove to Gruene, Texas. We floated the river and it was cold. We ate at the glorious Gristmill and went to Gruene Hall. I had always wanted to go to Gruene Hall and I have to say it was my favorite part of the weekend.

Christine thinks it is too loud. She is adorable. She is getting married.  Growing up is so very strange. Good luck lady!