More Grey.

Stare at this baby please. I gave my camera to a 9 year old, so there are many more picture possibilities. I’ll end it here though. I suppose not everyone on the internet wants to stare at pictures of people I like.

(take note of the Turkey bib)


This weekend I went to San Antonio to spend time with my parents and sister. Tranee brought Grey over on Saturday afternoon. He is using his walker now. He seems pretty convinced he should skip learning to crawl, and go straight on to the walking. That boy is the happiest I know; when I pick him up, he just starts to laugh. It is absolutely adorable. This picture doesn’t really do him justice, it was taken on my phone in a not so well lit room. But it does capture that twinkle in his eye.

Cool Boys.

Announcement: Michael Pickert is good with babies. I really like this picture of my brother and Grey, my godson. Mike was really awkward at first with Grey, but the baby was just so instantly comfortable with him. They are like old friends, except Grey isn’t old enough to be anyone’s old friend.