Don't be tardy for the party.

I just got into San Antonio a little bit ago. I am sitting on the couch waiting for the rest of the Pickerts to get a move on. We have a party to attend. Little baby Grey is turning ONE. Well, he isn’t really, but his momma has planned a cowboy extravaganza this weekend because her husband and Grey’s daddy is currently home safely from Iraq for two weeks. I’m looking forward to see how Tranee’s planning pays off. I have no doubt that this will be an incredible first birthday with a ton of people, cowboy decor and BBQ- Tranee can do a party.

Example #1: Tranee and I had a joint high school graduation party. We rented a moonbounce, enough said there.

Example #2: Tranee gets married. This resulted in a hilarious bachelorette experience, an entertaining night before, amazing day of the wedding, a great reception, and 2 nights in pretty little cottages.

I’m very ready to get this party started, but I am still WAITING.