Election. Way back when.

Anybody can win unless there happens to be a second entry.George Ade

Sophomore year of high school I ran for class president, unopposed. I won. Even though I didn’t have competition, it was a self esteem booster. Sometime during the year there was a hallway decorating contest. One of my presidential duties was to coordinate the decorationg of the sophomore hall. During this week long event I had a confrontation with a not so nice girl about crepe paper. In this particular exchanging of words, SHE informed me that I would have never gotten the position if ANYONE had run against me. According to HER, people didn’t like me (which was a complete shock to me). So I ran to the bathroom crying, with my good friend Linh chasing behind me.

Since then, I have always wondered if I would have won had SHE ran against me. This was Mississippi, would they have been loyal to the new girl? Or would the sophomore class have chosen the girl they’d known since preschool, who happened to be mean? What would have been? At least SHE couldn’t put Pres on her college applications. Next to the “leadership” box, there wasn’t a “number of opponents” box. Not sure where SHE is now, but I hope she became nicer.