Wholesome good times.

Last Wednesday Michael, Tranee and Grey came to visit me. I could only get off on Thursday, but at least I got off something. It was wonderful to spend time with them. It was interesting to spend several days straight with Grey. We’ve spent lots of time together now in his little life, but I’ve never been present for so many diapers, baths, bedtimes, and mealtimes. He really is one of the best behaved babies I have ever heard of. Tranee is one fabulous mommy. I can’t ever imagine being as loving and patient as she is. Let’s hope these qualities are somewhere in me. If not, everyone will feel sorry for my adopted Asian child.

Saturday morning we went to the Aquarium for a breakfast with Santa. They had an elf in scuba gear in the tank and Santa himself was there. The whole thing was adorable and Grey really loved all the fish, they were fascinating to him. I parted ways with my family (I’m counting Tranee and Grey with Mike- they pretty much are) and headed to the airport to get JMO.

JMO tricked me and is now staying in Houston for two weeks. This is probably the best gift I will get for Christmas. I’m wildly impressed with his ability to keep a secret. I want to reveal surprises as soon as I decide something will happen. I still have to work the next two weeks, but I will get to spend New Years with him and I am off then at least. We spent yesterday with the Oswalt family, we saw Four Christmases, went to dinner and played board games. AND Mr. O made me oatmeal raisen cookies, which are quite tastey.

I only have a few days left to get everything ready for Christmas, but so far the holiday season has treated me very kindly

Thank you for reading my excited holiday high ramble.