Best of Year 24

Last week Aubrey put me on the spot and asked me what was my favorite THREE things about being twenty-four. A lot can happen in a year and I had one fabulous year. I narrowed it down, but didn’t quite make it to only three.

1. Christian was born. Sandra brought a second good looking baby boy into the world and asked me to have a permanent place in his life as his godmother.

Christian Born

2. JMO moved to New York in my 23rd year, in my 24th year he returned home.

Welcome Home JMO

3. I had the opportunity to drive from Orlando to San Antonio with a few stops in the middle with my brother. He named this trip, THE SOUTHEAST SHUFFLE.

Mike and I - Southeast Shuffle

4. I quit my job and started down a new path.

Week one of my 25th year is off to a pretty good start; I am excited to see where my path takes me in the last fifty-one weeks of my 25th year.

*Thanks Aubrey for having me to do some reflecting.