Nay Nay’s Bday


Tranee and I met our junior year of high school, she did not talk AT ALL. It wasn’t until senior year that we became friends and she decided that I was worth talking to. She just lived a few streets over from us and somewhere along the way our family became like family. We just fell into an easy rhythm and more often than not over the last few years, we spent holidays together. I was even surprised last year when she wanted to have Thanksgiving and Christmas at her home in Killeen, but I suppose we are growing up some now. My brother used to call her Nay Nay (and he wasn’t 3 at the time) and so it stuck. My mother refers to her as Nay Nay in conversion now and I think if the dog could talk, she would too.

Tranee has grown into a wonderful woman, a person that I am proud to know. Happy Birthday Nay Nay!