The Pickerts: 29 years

Family June 2012

Twenty-nine years ago my parents got married (July 9 was the actual anniversary). They went straight from their honeymoon to the first ever Pickert family reunion. My grandparents rented a house at the beach and everyone piled in. A few years along the way have been skipped due to a wedding, a trip to Disney, and my grandparent’s milestoneĀ celebrations. There have been a few houses in the winter, but for twenty-nine years the Pickert’s have all piled in condos or a house in Florida.

My experiences and memories with my cousins all tie into the beach. There was always some mischief and the younger kids were always bugging the older kids. We played hours of games, did crafts, and were the labor for my uncle’s sandcastles. Over the years all fifteen of us have grown up. Now we line up our chairs near the ocean, grab a beer, and bust out our Kindles. We discuss our grown up lives and funny things that happened or how we felt left out as middle schoolers. I love these Pickerts.

I think this is the first year EVER we didn’t take a shot of the entire group.Ā 

4 thoughts on “The Pickerts: 29 years

  1. Yeah, I was surprised there weren’t more group pictures!

    Your family is so wonderful to spend time with. I look forward to spending the next 29 + years with them.

  2. It was REALLY unusual for the Pickerts! Let’s hope there are way more than 29 more years!

  3. Amazing how the group photo always drove me batty and yet, I was shocked to hear it did not happen this year! Sad to have missed the reunion but look forward to more down the road. Also, loved the shout out in the recent post! I’ll have to check out your recommendation!

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