Lacking motivation.

One month remains of graduate school. There are several big assignments to go. Now, where is the motivation to get deep into this work? I’m not sure. This is my backyard right now.



The middle school librarian I interned with recently gave me a bag of books that were just slightly too mature for middle school. A bag of teen lit??

I need to get as many yoga classes as I can in as part of my teacher training. I don’t know how many I’ll be able to do at the end of this pregnancy, so gotta do them now.

should be working on a paper right now. This paper is about research methodology, is that more fun than beach, reading, or yoga? NO. I started my masters in library science in the fall of 2012. I’ve really enjoyed all my classes that pertained to literature and school media centers. I have not enjoyed any of the classes that are general library classes. I’ve recognized that they contain important information that semi interest me, but all the assignments have been like pulling teeth. For almost three years I’ve had something due soon. I’ve had nagging tasks in the back of my mind. The freedom is close. It is hard to fathom the feeling of freedom, but I can’t wait to have it.