The Jackson's Come to Town

This weekend the Jackson family (Tranee, David and Grey) came to visit me. Below is a photo of Grey and his hot mom, Tranee.

Tranee and Grey

We took Grey to see the butterflies at the Houston Natural Science Museum. We used a few of the free coupons JMO and I got from our CARPOOL Gala basket (we still have quite a few left too!), which is always exciting to feel like you got a bargain on something you actually want to do. The butterfly house has a lot of hands on activities that are great for little ones. Grey enjoyed looking at the cockroaches and tarantulas in cages. I enjoyed taking pictures and hoping that a butterfly would choose me to land on, one did not choose me.

Me and Grey
Grey and David

After the museum we swung by the Chocolate Bar, I regret not taking a picture of Grey eating chocolate. We consumed some glorious cake and got a few other treats as well. We went home and then Grey and I dropped mommy and daddy off at Reliant to see George Strait. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson looked pretty adorable and I thoroughly enjoyed having their kid to myself.

Tranee and David

Grey and I went swimming, ate fruit, and watched Bob the Builder. Then my date for the evening conked out about 8:00PM. I was disappointed he didn’t want to stay away to entertain ME longer.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to spend a little time with the Jackson’s, I don’t get to see them as often as I would like. I suppose this now means I have to start planning my next trip to Fort Hood to visit them.