When I was visiting JMO in NY last week, we went to the Guggenheim. On Fridays, starting at 5PM, they have a thing where you pay what you think the museum is worth. Above we are standing in the line, which we did not expect to see. We debated while in line what we wanted to pay. I decided on $12 for the two of us, because that is what I had in cash. After I had decided this, I noticed almost everyone paying only a dollar, or even two. I don’t think they were paying what they thought the museum was worth. I think they were paying what they wanted to pay.

The Guggenheim wasn’t really what I expected. There was lots of photography and the exhibits were a little sparse, which I think is not usual for the museum. The building itself seemed to be the greatest attraction. You can start at the bottom and move up, or take the elevator up and work your way down. We went up and worked down. It is set up like a giant spiral ramp with exhibit halls off different levels. On the bottom floor there was a pond with Pinocchio face down in it. It was truly a strange site. JMO’s interpretation was that, “There shall be no more lies.” I thought he read it off a plaque somewhere that i had missed, we asked a museum curator and she informed us that everything was left up to the visitor to interpret.

And that is my ramble about the Guggenheim and this picture.

I am loving having the internet this evening.