Best of 2008.

Rolling Stone released their Best of 2008 Albums and I immediately went to the best website around. The library. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the library is the most ignored free source of books, movies and CD’s around. I went down the list, one by one, and placed a hold request on each CD that remotely interested me. If the CD turns out to not be my cup of tea, then whatev– it didn’t cost many anything. Then I get a nice email, telling me I have items for pick up. I go to the library and on a shelf, there is a bundle rubber banded together with my name on it. BEST SYSTEM EVER.

But it just so happens when you reach a certain point, the library will no longer let you place a request. You can only wait for so many items at a time, I’ve now reached my limit. This is the message I just received (in red) There is a problem with your library record. Please see a librarian. Fine, I’ll see a librarian, when I go pick up the goods.

I recently went through a best documentaries list and requested them at the library. It was hard to keep up. My mom and I have been doing it with best sellers for awhile. My mother describes the overwhelming sense of too many great books ready for pick up as putting a quarter in a gum ball machine and not being able to catch all that comes out, and not wanting to waste any of the gum balls. This is funny to me, because I can imagine my mom trying to hold to many gumballs at once and dropping them.

Thank you library.

P.S. There is snow on the steps leading up to my house.